Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
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  Thank you for visiting us here at Cavacharms in Windsor, Ontario.  We are a small family breeder filled with the four paws of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels making impressions in our lives.  We have been breeders of the Cavalier for over 10 years and most important to us is the health and happiness of our puppies.

My name is Chantelle and i am a RVT (registered veterinarian technician). I am also a profession pet groomer aswell as a certified dog trainer.  I feel having those three professions with me can benefit my dogs and their offspring 100%.  I can garuntee they get the right love and care, be healthy, have a good jump start on learning and find the right home.  

My dogs are all treated as pets and are raised in our home with me and my loved ones.  They grow up with my two young children so they get exceptional socialization.  Their care and training is a high priority and aspect of their development.  My first priority in all my dogs is their health.  My dogs are all heart and eye tested along with regular vet check ups. 

I fell in love with Cavaliers in 1999 when we brought home Kiara.  I didn't know to much about the breed then but I definitely researched and right away I was hooked.  Then her personality just filled me with joy, how their is nothing not to love in this breed.  She was bought as our pet and we sadly had to let her go to God on Sept 2nd 2010. She brought so much love to our family we knew we could not just have one.  



So now years later and much growing and research I would like to show you my kids at Cavacharms.  Please feel free to look around and enjoy my site.  Any questions please email me or call. 

Phone: (519) 919-2426